We Fill the Gap

Many adults both young and old are unable to stay at home by themselves throughout the day. They are not at a point where they need to be placed into a home or assisted living facility, but they cannot be left alone due to a fear of safety issues such as unsafe cooking practices, risk of falls, wandering, etc.

Many adult students within Intermediate School district programs go from being very busy with schools and activities to staying at home with a caregiver every day after graduation. They can become very lonely, depressed, and bored. Our center keeps individuals stimulated, active, socializing, and having fun. Depression in the senior population is very prevalent. The inability to get out independently and socialize or participate in activities they once could can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. Our center enables them to meet new friends, socialize, and enjoy activities they once did

Older clients with dementia or other debilitating diseases are often cared for by their loved ones. This is a seemingly full-time job and caregivers can easily become stressed and overwhelmed. They often have regular jobs, appointments, and other obligations that need to be tended to on a regular basis. This often requires an in-home caregiver to be hired which can be costly.