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Many caregivers find themselves struggling to maintain a balance between their everyday responsibilities and needs such as work, health, family, and the full-time job of caring for their loved ones. Caring for a loved one yourself or bringing someone into the home to assist you can feel exhausting, invasive, and expensive. The loved ones being cared for can become depressed, frustrated, and lonely when their ability to get out, meet with friends, and partake in activities they once enjoyed becomes limited.

At Just Like Home we provide an environment that is inviting and friendly. We provide these individuals with the opportunity to socialize with others, enjoy a nice meal, and join in activities that they rarely get a chance to do anymore. Our goal is to keep your loved ones engaged and having fun by providing them with an opportunity to take part in a variety of activities each day.

Our activities are often customized to our clients’ interests, both past and present. If and when the time comes, adult day centers also help make the move to assisted living or long term nursing facilities an easier transition.

Some of the activities we provide at our center include:

    • Playing games like Yahtzee, Bingo, Corn hole, Wii Bowling, card games and more.
    • We do stretching and exercises daily. Often times we stretch and exercise through a fun activity so the client doesn’t even realize it’s good for them.
    • Cardio-drumming
    • Group Outings
    • Dancing
    • Arts and crafts
    • Music
    • Gardening
    • Bird and wildlife watching and feeding
    • Baking
    • Time for group discussions, history, reminiscing, and socializing with other clients.
    • We have two registered companion dogs on site to provide comfort and companionship to our clients – Oliver is a 10-year-old Yorki-poo and Sasha is a 9-year-old Pomeranian
    • Homemade lunches and snacks
    • Handicap accessible showers available for clients and non-clients. Showers are free and available to clients that come for the day, while non-clients are able to come and use our facilities for a small fee. Shower assistance available if needed and upon request