Our Purpose

It is the mission of Just Like Home Adult Day Center to provide an environment that engages adults with different abilities and those who are aging, while enhancing the emotional, mental, and physical well-being and preserving the individuals dignity and self-worth.

What is an adult day center?

Adult Day Centers give those with disabilities or dementia/Alzheimer’s the ability to participate in activities like music, exercise, art, games, etc. that they may not get to experience at home. 

There used to be just two options, hiring an in-home caregiver or placement in a facility, both of which can be very costly. The emergence of adult day centers allow the family a third, more cost effective and rewarding option. 

 After just a day or two at our center, most clients are completely acclimated, enjoy their time immensely, and look forward to coming back. Clients often open up and participate more than they will in their home settings. Family members are often surprised to see and hear what their loved ones can do. Clients have expressed a “sense of belonging” while at our center. Our center offers them a chance to gain back some autonomy. Clients benefit the most when they attend 2 or more days a week. This helps make it a routine experience for them and allows them to get acclimated quicker.

Our Location